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PRANTO- Samuel -

I'm a nice guy by nature and the thing that I love more to do is to be with my friends and family. Almost all of you already know me, but for the ones who are just about to know me better, I'm people person which enjoys a good laugh. I like to travel but not by plane and I also like computer games and aquariums.

BARREIRA- Ana Filipa -

Most of you already know me, but for the ones who don't know me so well but will meet me in a near future, I can already tell that I'm passionate about living life intensely. I love my family and friends. I love to travel and meet people around the world and to get to know their culture. Another thing that I love is art and music, for me those give me big feeling of joy. By nature I'm a happy person and always very positive. Another thing I like is to hear the laugh of the ones I love. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing my family and friends happy and laughing.


It started with a look, where my eyes got stuck in his mysterious look, since that moment a bond between us was created


Lisbon is known as the city of big lovers, and it was the place which joined us together. In this same place, is where we work and where we have started our first project, our home :)


It was summer time and we went to the south of Spain for our first vacation together. Cadiz, Puerto Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera were the places chosen to warm up this love


To Budapest he went to visit Ana, since we didn't get tickets for a music fest and he didn't know the city. After several annoying video recordings and walking arround as tourists, a box with a Ring appeared from his pocket and he made THE question



Please find below some considerations regarding the logistics of the event


Marrying is not only assuming a commitment between each other, but also with God by requesting his guidance for our life, therefore we are making a religious ceremony that will take place at Igreja da Memória Ajuda


After making our marriage official within your presence, we will soon after celebrate this moment with a lot of joy in Estufa Real da Ajuda


Because we don't want you to worry with anything we leave you here some suggestions where you can stay. If none of this fits in your criteria please let us know and we will be glad to support

Please answer by May 31st latest, using the online form below.

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Your presence is the best gift we can have and we mean it, but still if you want to give us a little gift either you can check our gift list at el corte inglês or make a bank transfer for the following account


Here below you can find a form where you can state if you are attending the best wedding of 2018! Please do it ASAP!